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Managing Supply chains has become complex and challenging for most companies. While there is risk of lost customers, high costs, supply chains also have great potential to give companies the much needed competitive edge. Positron engages with clients to design and implement high-performing supply chains. These enable profitable growth in new and existing markets. By combining best practices, innovative strategies with practical know-how, Positron helps companies to optimize their supply chains.


Strategic Supply Chain Planning - Positron’s Strategic Supply Chain Planning expertise helps clients design an end-to-end supply chain operating model that enables the enterprise to shape demand rather than respond to it, and to collaborate more effectively to achieve sustainable value. This would entail deep diagnostics leading to long range strategy formulation for the supply chain structure. Design and implementation of networks internal and external to the organization. Implementation of processes to manage the end-to-end planning and execution in an organization. Establishing performance metrics within the organization to measure the status of achievement. Positron helps clients achieve high performance by incorporating supply chains into their business strategies.





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