In a successful race, every steering leader often feels the need for a Navigator – someone who has an eye on the external environment and looks at the internal capabilities dispassionately and finds the road that would make for a winning race! This is the role that Positron plays for a client in the area of corporate strategy. Positron has the advantage of having experienced managers who have led businesses in their employee roles in large companies. Hence we are able to quickly piece together the need for a business – whether it is need to grow, scale up, enter new markets, build sustainable revenue models, then see the scope from the external markets perspective and look for the ideal solution.


Positron brings to the table the unique offering of defining strategy and implementing it with a core business team so that the strategy is not just limited to PowerPoint slides. Positron works as an extended part of the business team – whether in looking for inorganic ways to grow or to set up new departments, recruiting teams, defining KPIs etc but taking onus of executing the right strategy for the business.


Organizational strategy for a social sector player


Go-to market strategy for a mobile phone based B2B application


New business planning for a leading global player in communications


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