The way we work


Positron’s approach typically involves one to two consultants working closely with the client team in a flexible and result-oriented manner. The consultants first work with the client personnel to develop a project plan, which acts as the guiding document for the overall assignment. This plan is approved by the sponsor, who is usually the CEO or business head and is closely involved in the assignment. 


The overall involvement of a Positron consultant is typically in the range of four to six days in a month for a period of six months to one year. During the project period, meetings with key client personnel are scheduled on dates agreed in advance. Each meeting usually lasts for a day and progressively builds towards completing the relevant scope of work (or deliverable). Between meetings, relevant client personnel and the Positron consultant complete the necessary research, information collection or other activities necessary for decision-making.


Implementation Methodology


Positron prefers a pilot approach for implementation wherein a client implementation team is constituted and the Positron consultant joins this team. The pilot initiatives are tested by the team in a limited geographic area. Key parameters are identified and closely monitored to gauge the success of the implementation. Post successful implementation in the pilot region, these initiatives are rolled out on a larger scale.


If required Positron can also assist the clients in selecting an appropriate vendor for secialized services during implementation. Vendors could be required for technology development, market research, recruitment, etc. Positron consultants continue to work with various firms and are in a position to introduce reliable vendors to its clientele.


Depth of


Experienced consultants work throughout,
both strategy and field level implementation
off all projects



Positron works on all aspects including
vendor evaluation, RFP, Processes,
Recruitment, etc


Adding to Client

Positron adds to the enterprise resource
bandwidth by working as "Quasi Employees"


Building Block

Additional / Specialized resources used
on a "need to" basis (for exapmle training)
resulting in a cost effective structure


Engagements which are highly result focused
and cost effective


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