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Positron Approach Traditional Consulting Approach
1. Positron's approach is based on lean consulting wherein 1-2 experienced consultants work one day a week with client team Traditional consulting involves a team of junior consultants working five days a week
2. The result of lean consulting is nominal burn rate for the client allowing the assignment to be extended for long durations (8-12 months) which is essential for successful implementations Traditional consulting approach leads to a significant burn rate for the client. As a result assignments are shorter in duration (3 months) and involve only report submission
3. Positron's work focuses on implementation keeping in mind client readiness to change. As a result, as relationship matures, Positron is willing to structure a part of its implementation fee as success Traditional consultants usually do not structure a success fee since they are seldom involved in implementation assignments
4. Positron encourages client teams to be involved during the implementation process leading to greater accountability There is limited client participation. Interaction is limited to providing feedback on reports
5. Each Positron consultant is an entrepreneur with his/her payoff dependent on client satisfaction and results. As a result each consultant is highly driven Traditional consultants are employees of a large setup with significant fixed compensation
6. Positron's cost base is very low (5% of turnover). These savings are passed onto clients through a nominal charge-out rate Traditional consulting firms have a significant cost base (25% of turnover). These costs are passed onto clients

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