Customer Engagement


In today’s environment where each brand is vying for a substantial share of the customer’s wallet, it’s extremely important for brands to develop a clear customer engagement model where by customers once within the brand fold are not lost to competition due to poor service or just simple lack of hearing or just response to a customer’s problem. Positron works with companies not only to set up customer feedback mechanisms (Customer Satisfaction Surveys etc) but also to work with processes and touch points to ensure that the experience of the customers in the tail end of the Satisfaction bell curve is not drastically way off from what the customer expects or the brand stands for.


Positron has deep experience in contact centre analysis, people interventions through service audits as well as identifying process hand off issues creating the slip between the cup and the lip. Positron evaluates customer engagement from a point of view of customer expectations as well as internal standards and helps improve the service orientation of people, improve design & performance of processes as well as enhance the effectiveness and adequacy of customer communication.


Improve customer interaction through document redesign


Improve customer engagement through new product & process design


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